100 Free Spins Casino Bonuses: Free Spins to Play!

One of the most popular online casino bonuses is the free spin. Free spins are like the virtual version of the merry-go-round we used to win as kids. Remember the joy and excitement of winning? All because we were entitled to another ride. Well, winning free spins on a slot machine is even better, because not only do you get to have more fun, but you also get to hit the jackpot! So, how does it work, how do you get it, and under what conditions? For the answers, we embark on a grand tour of free spin in all its states and we give you all the good tips to get the best offers and use this essential bonus wisely!

What is a casino free spin?

Casino free spins – are the gift of the house for new and old players alike. Free spins are often offered by online casinos at the time of registration – instead of or in addition to the welcome bonus. Unlike traditional bonuses, which are expressed as a percentage of real money, this is a free play bonus, where you can try your luck with 10, 20, 30 or even 200 free spins on one or more casino games. Free spins bonuses apply mainly to slot machines and possibly video poker – but there are also free bets from bookmakers for sports betting and some other variations on the casino free spin.

Free spins Bonus

The different types of casino free spins

Free spins are often offered in exchange for a deposit of money at the casino, or for free, just in exchange for signing up – it will depend on the casino’s promotional offer.

They are called no-deposit free spins when they are offered without a deposit at the casino: when a new player signs up, even before their first deposit, or as part of a special promotion, or exclusive bonus, when free spins are sometimes offered to players on their birthday, to reward loyalty or VIP status, or on other festive occasions. There are also free spins to be won in slot tournaments or special competitions organized by the casino. Be careful not to confuse free spins offered by the casino with those won as part of a slot game, which is an integral part of the game.

And then there are variations around the names of the spin. They’re basically the same, but for variety’s sake casinos sometimes like to give them slightly different names: mega spin, super spin, but all based on the same principle. Then they can have different values – usually, they will be higher or lower stakes, which is still cool but won’t lead to a big win. These last spins are also found in the bonus feature of the slots – and these are not offered by the casino, but are built into the slot machine and allow the player to extend the game.

How do I get free spins?

If you are a regular player or a newcomer, you can ask the casino for free spins. You can often find them in the Promotions & Bonuses section of online casinos, or in specialized sites like ours, in the dedicated section.

free spins

But in general, here are the main ways to get free spins at the online casino:

  • Sign-up bonus: some casinos offer free spins to new sign-ups, to allow them to test the games even before they have made the first deposit. This is the no deposit free spin bonus, and it can of course be offered in other circumstances too. So don’t hesitate to sign up at different casinos to take advantage of it!
  • Welcome free spins bonus: Most casinos offer a match bonus to new players, often with a free spins package. But unlike the previous bonus, you will need to make a deposit – the amount of which will sometimes determine the number of spins offered.
  • Other bonuses & promos: always check the “Promotions” section of the casino, it is not uncommon to find a “Happy Hour” or a particular day of the week to take advantage of interesting free spins offer, or to encourage you to use a particular payment method or to download the casino app, after all, it is still the easiest way to reward players!
  • Slot tournaments: Casinos organize special tournaments between players and reward the winners with free spins prizes systematically.
  • New games: When a new game is released, the software publisher or the casino itself may offer free spins to test the slot machine and ensure its launch.
  • Player relaunch: you haven’t been seen playing online for a while, so to encourage you, the casino will send you a personal offer of free spins to convince you.

How to increase winning chances with free spins?

First of all, with free spins in hand, you have a definite advantage: you can play longer. Then, to increase your chances of winning at slot machines, you will have to use professional techniques: prefer progressive slots, choose the smallest jackpots which have more chances of falling, play high stakes (if the conditions allow it), and plan enough credits not to be stopped in your momentum just before the jackpot!